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Gints Osis was born in the Latvian town Auce, on the border with Lithuania and which is famous for its fruit gardens and lakes. His desire for cooking manifested in early childhood, when he watched as mother and grandmother were cooking . In the first grade, Gints, when someone asked who he wants to be,replied that the cook. From third grade on summer vacation he began working in the kitchen - peeling potatoes and onions, washing the dishes.

After high school began training in culinary technologist. The first Gint`s teachers were chefs from Germany, which laid the basis of his knowledge and specific European cuisine of the restaurant at the hotel. Since 1996, he began working independently.

With Asian cuisine, Gints had the opportunity to get accustomed with during his work for five years with a Japanese chef. And given the fact that Latvia is a transit country and the Riga port city, Gints had the opportunity to work with Italian and Spanish chefs. This was an invaluable experience in his chef career.

Latvia and geographically and mentally close to the Scandinavian country, and Gints always interested cuisine of countries such as Norway and Denmark. So, without hesitation, he decided to go for experience exchange in Norway.

Ukraine for Gints Osis is a country with a rich culinary resources and interesting market products. Lviv is the center for culture and tourism, which has prospects for organic combination of different culinary traditions, and work in Ukraine - an opportunity to learn and teach others how to develop the restaurant culture.