View menu  Meet our new chef Maxim Lytovchenko!
Together with the Panorama restaurant team of chefs, Maxim prepares super-cool meals for you with love and inspiration.
In the past, Maxim worked at a fish restaurant in Kyiv, which won the first place in the category "Best fish restaurant of Ukraine" for 5 years in a row. He participated in the opening of two other best restaurants, such as Tsarsky City Resort and Dog ate a dove. In addition, he gained some experience in Central Asia, working at ARIA`s Hospitality Management network, where he held the position of co-chef, working with the legendary Thomas Muller, the chef who is the owner of two Michelin stars.
Six months later, Maxim Litovchenko became the chef of the Hungry rabbit restaurant (Astana, Kazakhstan). After returning to his homeland, he became the head chef at the capital`s Whiskey corner restaurant. It is quite natural that with such an astonishing experience Maxim was invited to hold the position of Chef at Lviv Panorama restaurant. Welcome to visit us! You will be able to try all those gastronomic masterpieces that surprise us every day with the unsurpassed Maxym Lytovchenko.